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About AUM Center, Inc.

aumlogoThe Aquarian University of Maryland (AUM) was a flourishing school previously housed here on the property that is used by the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center today. In 1970, the State of Maryland Department of Education granted AUM accreditation, making it the only esoteric study center in the United States to give State-approved certificates in Religious Metaphysics, Occult Sciences and the Mystical Arts. Thousands of students from around the world attended classes on yoga, astrology, tarot, kaballah, Jungian psychology, and existentialism, to list some of the more popular topics.

Moving into the 21st Century, the AUM Study Center now offers courses online, continuing its mission of sowing the seeds for the Aquarian Age. AUM relies on tax-deductible donations to sustain itself and you can click below to make an easy Paypal donation right now.


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Today AUM continues to sow the seeds for the Aquarian Age through this curriculum offered online. New video lectures will be added quarterly, and discounts are offered for annual subscription plans.
Each video lecture costs $5.00 to access and then can be viewed as many times as wished in one year. Questions from subscribers are welcomed in the Q&A submission form. You may also submit a question in advance for one of our future topics listed in the promo section, and your question may be addressed during the video lecture.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” so keep on learning with the AUM Center!

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